With what level of ODBC is StarSQL compliant?

StarSQL is core SQL compliant, ODBC API version 2, level 1 compliant and also supports the additional level 2 ODBC functions.

StarSQL works with the ODBC Driver Manager version 2.0 and later, including 3.5.

Does StarSQL bypass RACF security?

StarSQL does not bypass RACF security, unless the verify=optional is coded in the APPL statement. Please see the DRDA Connectivity Guide for details.

Does StarSQL work with secondary authids?

StarSQL works with secondary authids. You may need to set it after you login with the command "SetCurrentSQLID="

Does StarSQL work with MTS?

Yes. You can use MTS with StarSQL for writing VB DLLs, or COM objects. The driver also works with connection pooling implemented by MTS.

In addition, StarSQL supports two phase commit processing over TCP/IP and APPC.

Does StarSQL work with ADO and ODBC.NET?

Yes, StarSQL works with ADO and ODBC.NET.

Does StarSQL work with OLE/DB?

Yes. Use the Microsoft OLE/DB Provider for ODBC with your StarSQL data source to access relational table data on DB2. StarSQL does not have a direct OLE/DB interface at this time.

Does StarSQL work with Microsoft SQL Server?

Yes, StarSQL can be used to import or export data using SQL Server DTS or SSIS packages, and StarSQL data sources can be used with SQL Server linked servers to access remote DB2 databases.


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